This Father's Day we will be taking time to honour Father's. We'll be doing this with a freshly cooked breaky wrap, a good talk and giving an opportunity for fun through some friendly competition. There's something for each Father, so bring yours or someone else's along this Sunday.

The talk this Father's Day will be our first talk in a series called 'Raising Powerful People.' Raising powerful people doesn't happen by accident but through intentional choices and ways people parent and behave. If parents aren't intentional about this, their children may end up feeling more like a powerless person which can have some negative effects.

"Powerless people often blame the messes they make on other people. The reason their life, marriage, child, finances, job, or whatever is the way it is has nothing to do with their choices.  Someone else – their parents, their spouse, their teachers, society – created the life they’re living."  (Danny Silk - Keep Your Love On)

We are looking forward to opening this topic up during September, and we are honoured to have Local Chaplain: Jilanna Craig coming to present on September the 15th as well. If you are a parent or plan to be in the future, you will get something out of this series.

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