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The Bible is filled with the instructions of caring for the poor, the orphan, and the widow – those who are often marginalised and forgotten within a society. As we strive to reflect the heart of God in both word and deed, as we dwell on His nature and read His Word, it is obvious that God desires for His people to reach out to others, to share the love and message of Jesus, and to live as conduits of His justice, compassion and mercy.

Missions has been a foundational part of our Church been Fuel started. We believe that as we look after God’s work, He will look after us. We also believe that missions is not just about reaching and serving people overseas, which is why we aim to be actively involved in missions locally, nationally and internationally.

We believe that the very heart of missions comes from the Good News that God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, Jesus (John 3:16). As followers of Jesus, we are called to share the good news of His Kingdom which brings light to darkness, healing to the sick, and freedom for those in captivity. Therefore, missions is both the message of Jesus, and the outworking of that message in action and power.

Listed below are some of the predominant ways in which Fuel supports missions through regular contributions of finances, gifts and time.

If you are able and willing to give toward any of these
appeals, you can transfer funds directly to our Fuel
Missions Account with the reference of where you
would like it to be allocated. Alternatively, you can
give by going directly to the websites provided.

We thank you for your generosity.

Missions Offering

Fuel’s Response to COVID-19

During the current crisis of COVID-19, our approach as a local church is done through partnership and meeting the needs that we see in front of us.


Each person within our Fuel Community knows people. We have conversations, we hear stories, and we become aware of the felt needs around us as we simply share life with others. It is our belief that the local church reflects the heart of God best when each member of the body plays their part. We love hearing the unique stories of our Fuel Community as we serve and love and live with extravagant generosity.

We also recognise that we sometimes encounter a need which is too big for us to carry alone, and it’s in these moments where we as a community will join forces to support in whatever way we can – practically, financially, spiritually and relationally.

Please contact us at fuelinfo@fuelcc.com.au if you, or someone you know, has a need that we as a church can help to meet.


Fuel has been actively involved with our 5 local school chaplains for the past 10 years and are working closely with them at this time to offer support to the school staff community, and any families within the school who need the extra support.

What we love about our school chaplains is that they are on the ground, serving their schools faithfully. As they meet with staff, families, and students, who may never connect directly with Fuel Church, we are able to provide the practical and financial support through our chaplains where it is most needed. We have so much respect for our chaplains and the work that they do, and it is an honour to serve them as they serve their schools.


ACCI Relief is responding in various parts of the world to the current global health crisis of COVID-19. We recognise that a crisis such as this often disproportionally affects those living in poverty. ACCI are working closely with their field workers and partners as they outwork activities aimed at preventing the spread of the diseases and providing emergency support to families and communities in crisis.

*All donations over $2 are tax deductible

Check out their site to find out more about how your generosity is helping during this crisis -

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ACCI Website 1

Drought Appeal

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one day


SU Chaplaincy

At Fuel, we believe in the role that our School Chaplains play in the lives of the next generation, their families, their schools and our community. We support the Chaplains at 5 of our local state primary and high schools through financial assistance, practical help and volunteer assistance. It is our aim to provide each chaplain with the resources and the man power that they need to reach every child and every family to their highest capacity!

“School chaplains support young people in one of today’s most high pressure environments: the schoolyard. SU QLD Chaplains provide a safe, positive influence for our children.”

“SU QLD chaplains, or ‘chappies’, provide spiritual and emotional support to school communities. They are in the prevention and support business: helping students find a better way to deal with issues ranging from family breakdown and loneliness, to drug abuse, depression and anxiety. They provide a listening ear and a caring presence for kids in crisis, and those who just need a friend. They also provide support for staff and parents in school communities.”

To find out more about what school chaplains do, visit suqld.org.au/chaplaincy


We recognize the value of the single mums in our community and role that they play in their children’s lives and in our community as a whole.  Through our partnership with our local school chaplains, we are able to pass on a gift that shows value and support during times that can often be difficult to navigate on their own.  The ‘For You’ pack is designed to meet some of the more practical needs whilst also including some extra gifts that are special for the entire family to enjoy.


ACCI Missions & Relief

We believe that the Church should be the greatest light and support during times of intense crisis.  Where there is a national or international disaster that ACC International Relief have the capacity to meet through ground support and local partners, Fuel continually support the recovery and rebuilding efforts through financial and prayer support.

“ACC International Relief is the aid & development arm of the Australian Christian Church (ACC) network. Through more than 140 fieldworkers, they provide grassroots solutions to address issues of poverty and injustice around the world. Predominantly, they work through community development initiatives to facilitate lasting change. Disaster Relief is another core component of their activities, which they undertake as-needed, both in Australia and overseas.”

Check out their site to find out more or to see their latest appeals accirelief.org.au


Australian Bushfire Appeal

ACCI Relief has an ongoing tax-deductible Bushfire Relief Appeal to provide relief to individuals and families who have been affected by bushfires. The finances raised through this appeal were used to provide much needed relief during the initial emergency whilst also supporting communities for the long-term recovery and rebuilding in the months ahead. They continue to work closely with ACC Churches and Chaplains who are on the ground in these communities.

*All donations over $2 are tax deductible

You can find out more about this appeal here -

Bushfire Appeal

Australian Drought Appeal

ACCI Missions has a continuing appeal to support individuals and families in drought affected NSW and QLD. We praise God for the rains that have eased the burden for many of the hard hit communities, however, we recognise that the after effects of years of severe drought are still being felt within these communities, with many still waiting for the rain that others have seen.

These prolonged conditions have had the flow on affect of impacting some of the ACC Churches, who are finding it difficult to pay salaries and church operational expenses on the significantly reduced incomes. A portion of funds within this appeal has been allocated towards providing emergency assistance for ACC churches, so they can remain active in their local communities. You can find out more about this appeal here -

Drought 1


Partners for Compassion - Indonesia

Since 2009, Fuel has been working with ‘Partners for Compassion’ (PFC) as they focus on community development projects in poverty-stricken communities in Indonesia through education, medical care and job creation programs.  In particular, Fuel has been supporting (through finances and sending teams) the work of:

  • Kindergarten and Sunday School in Muara Baru, North Jakarta
  • Bukit Gloria School in Bogor – a vocational training school for year levels 1 to 12
  • Midwife and Medical Clinic in Clincing, East Jakarta

“Partners for Compassion forms strategic partnerships with local partners – both individuals and non-profit organizations – to carry out its activities, avoiding duplication of costly administrative overhead and ensuring funding is maximized for designated impact programs.”



Josh and Belinda Groves founded Sepheo in response to the needs of children on the streets they had come to know over a period of 18 months. Having developed relationships with about 120 kids and a number of their relatives, Josh and Belinda decided to commit themselves full time, launching Sepheo.

“Sepheo works with children living and begging on the streets in Maseru, Lesotho’s capital. Our vision is Excellence out of Poverty; that Lesotho’s Poorest will Become Lesotho’s Best. We know it’s audacious, but we believe it’s possible. Sepheo is the local word for purpose. We want to see every child off the streets and living out their purpose. We do not treat the surface issues of poverty alone, but identify what has driven the child to the street and focus their effort there.


With support, children - and families, where they exist - choose and implement their own solutions.”

For more information about Sepheo or to sign up to their regular newsletters, visit their website sepheo.org


Operation Christmas Child

At Fuel, we have been packing Christmas Shoeboxes since 2010 to support the work of Samaritan’s Purse as they continue to deliver shoeboxes of hope to children all around the world.  Each year in October, we take up a collection of Shoeboxes put together by our Church family, and send them off in time for Christmas.

“The concept of Operation Christmas Child began on 10 October 1990, when Dave and Jill Cooke of Wrexham, Wales were watching a broadcast on Romanian orphanages. They asked the question: How can we help the real victims, the children, who live in these situations day after day? They knew they could not stop the wars, but they could offer something – the gift of love. Together, they filled a convoy of nine trucks with medical supplies, food, clothing and Christmas gifts for children, and headed into Romania, which had recently been devastated by war. This was the beginning of the world’s largest children’s Christmas program. In 1993, Franklin Graham, International President of Samaritan’s Purse, adopted Operation Christmas Child. Since then, more than 61 million shoe boxes have been delivered to hurting children in more than 135 countries.”

To find out more about the work of Operation Christmas Child and the impact that they are able to have due to the open doors of the Shoeboxes, check out operationchristmaschild.org.au


One Day

Fuel has been supporting the One Day appeal since 2010. One Sunday every year Fuel partners with ACC Missions by providing the opportunity for each person to give one day’s wage to make a lasting change in someone else’s life.  We are committed – with finances, effort and prayer – to transforming lives around the world, one day at a time.

One Day projects are designed specifically to address the spiritual and physical needs that we see in our world today. Funds raised through One Day are directed to the following areas:

Community Development: ACC aim to address the issues of poverty and injustice through sustainable, grassroots solutions. Community-led initiatives are effectively supported through One Day.

Village Life: Church Planting Church planting and Christian leadership training are strongly supported   by One Day. ACC aims to equip local and national churches with training, discipleship, bible translations and other resources.

Australian Indigenous Projects: A portion of One Day funding will assist the implementation of projects benefiting Australian Indigenous communities throughout the country.

To find out more, visit the ACC One Day website on www.1day.guide


Open Doors

Fuel recognizes its responsibility to stand with and support our Christian brothers and sisters around the world who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus. Every year we give opportunity to hear from an Open Doors representative, giving opportunity for each person to join in the support. Open Doors began 60 years ago with Brother Andrew distributing bibles to Christians who were unable to access their own. The ministry has now grown to include many other activities being implemented worldwide to persecuted Christians.

In over 60 countries Open Doors are involved in:

Providing Bibles and Christian literature
Open Doors provides a wide range of Biblical materials in various languages to persecuted Christians, including Study Bibles, Children’s Bibles, MP3 Bibles and discipleship literature.

Training for leadership and discipleship
Open Doors offers training in effective church leadership and discipling others, in order to help believers grow in their faith and learn how to stand strong in the midst of persecution.

Sustaining lives, supporting livelihoods
Open Doors practically supports victims of persecution, violence and natural disaster. We assist Christian families, widows and orphans with literacy training, livelihood and business opportunities.

Personal encouragement
Open Doors brings personal encouragement to many persecuted believers in various ways, including writing letters and cards of encouragement, as well as sending travellers to meet and pray with them in their local areas.

Speaking out in advocacy
Open Doors helps persecuted believers by advocating on their behalf, providing legal support, seeking positive policy changes and campaigning in Australia.

Raising awareness and encouraging prayer
Open Doors produces a range of resources that are available to Australian Christians, alerting them to the needs of the Persecuted Church and encouraging prayerful support.

To find out more, visit the Open Doors website at opendoors.org.au

Fuel Christian Church is part of the Australian Christian Churches
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